Adventure Bike Riding

More and more riders are getting into the big bike adventure riding, travelling all over the world on their bikes searching for fun and the adventure. If you have an adventure bike and want some where to practice your of road skills, then Wales is where you need to be. We offer three levels for our riders:

Level one

Is aimed at a basic level, covering simple maintenance. We will be riding on gravel and grassed roads and tracks and would be suitable for those with limited big bike experience.

Level Two

The riding is much tougher, now having to cope with up and down hills, slippery conditions and a real chance you might drop your bike.

Level Three

For very experienced riders, plenty of tough off road riding with some hard river crossings

Guided adventure bikes trail rides run from April to September - winter rides are also available .

Snowdonia Adventure Trail

This is a two day trail ride, exploring much of what the Snowdon National Park has to offer. After a night spent in our riders flat, we start the day with breakfast. We aim to start the ride by 9am heading South West on small B roads and tracks. The first stop is the beautiful lake Vyrnwy and we continue to explore the southern half of the park before finishing the day at near Barmouth where we will camp for the night. Riders will need to bring their own tents and sleeping bags, we will stop at a cafe for breakfast and lunch and a pub for dinner.

On the second, day we push North contouring around Snowdon itself, enjoying all the awesome trails and after a full day we arrive back at TRUK HQ for about 5pm. The riders flat is available for those who want to use it.

Please select from the dates below. For level one any tyres will be OK. For level two Your bike will need to be fitted with at least 70/30 all terrain tyres in summer


A Great two days riding and camping

in the Snowdonia National park

GS Trophy

2019 sees the return of the UK qualifying of the GS Trophy, which will take part in 2020. In the qualifying round, the top three riders will make the UK’s Trophy team. One to one practice sessions can be booked if you’re serious and want to do well.



One to one full day level 1-2-3 £150

Two riders level 1-2-3 £75 each

Three riders level 1-2-3 £50 each

Four riders level 1-2-3 £40 each

Five riders or more level 1-2-3 £35 each

Snowdon Adventure Trail £100 per rider