Guided Enduro Bike Hire

Your safety is our priority

Your safety is our priority

Off Road Bike Hire

Here at Trail Riding UK our mission is simple. We aim to give road riders the opportunity to enjoy this addictive off road pursuit. With our guidance to get you started, you’ll soon see your riding skills improve, and if you get hooked then our mission is complete, and as we say just...

"Follow the roads to nowhere"

Guided Tour With Your Own Dirt Bike

No Maps no worry it’s all sorted

No Maps no worry it’s all sorted

Just looking for a guide

The guide will ask the riders what type of day they are looking for:

  • Steady with a pub lunch

  • Nice technical ride

  • Longer enduro type of ride, grabbing food when we get fuel.

As long as the whole group agree that will be fine.

Adventure Bike Guided TrailTours

Time to get the big bikes dirty

Time to get the big bikes dirty

Looking For Adventure

More and more riders are getting into the big bike adventure riding, travelling all over the world on their bikes searching for fun and the adventure. If you have a adventure bike and want some where to practice your of road skills, then Wales is where you need to be. We offer three levels for our riders:

On Sun Jul 2018 Will, Rob, Alan and Kenny said ...

Great weekend. Stayed in the bunkhouse, pub an easy walk for diner and a beer. Good breakfast, briefing, kit and bikes. Full day riding getting progressively tougher for us novice off roaders. Plenty of guiding and tips from Steve. 2nd day, out agsin, still pushing on the levels. Finished with some tough stuff we wouldn’t have taken on before we went! Steve’s a great guy, very patient and encouraging and adapts the day to suitabilitirs. Highly recorded of newbies or experts alike!! We’ll be back for sure.